Day 2 - Transmission, Reception & Network Operation 9 Nov. 2017

Transmission standards  Presentation by Gérard Faria (TeamCast)

Link Budgets and Network Implementation  Presentation by Andy Louis (Telemedia), Geoff Daniell (GVF) Gerhard Petrick (MultiChoice) Audio Clip

Network structures, Operations and Monitoring  Presentation by Laurent Roul (ENENSYS)  Audio Clip

DTV Monitoring Test Tree Presentation by Carmen Kirloch Audio Clip

Systems and Tools for digital Networks  Presentation by Marc Antoine (TDF) representing BNE Audio Clip

Receive devices and standardisation Presentation by Edmund Yirenkyi Fianko (National Communications Authority, Ghana) Audio Clip

The Way to Conformance Presentation by Tim Morgan (Eurofins Digital Testing UK)  Audio Clip

The Home Installation  Presentation by Edoardo Romano (Ro.Ve.R.Laboratories)  Audio Clip

Experiences and best practice -Kenya- Interview with Daniel Obam  Audio Clip

Digital Television Switchover Presentation by Pham Nhu Hai  ITU  Audio Clip

Experience and best practice Pham Hai and Edmund Fianko  Audio Clip

Stage Demo Day 2 Audio Clip