Presentations from WorldDMB Workshop on DAB+ Digital Radio held in Johannesburg South Africa 16th July 2013.

Session 1: Opening

Address by SADIBA  Gerhard Petrick, Secretary SADIBA.

Presentation 1: INTRODUCTION, DAB+ explained and DAB+ Interrnational Market Update, DAB/DAB+ around the world Jørn Jensen, President, WorldDMB.

Presentation 2: REGULATORY FRAMEWORKS, An overview of regulatory frameworks to consider from territories that have rolled out DAB+, Kathryn Brown, Head of Strategic  Development, Commercial Radio Australia. (Not yet available)

Session 2:

Presentation 3: DAB+ BUSINESS CASE,Business case for broadcasters including benefits for listeners and opportunities for advertisers,Patrick Hannon, VP Corporate Development, Frontier Silicon.

Presentation 4: DAB+ RECEIVERS, DAB+ digital radio receivers available for use on DAB+network for table top, car, handheld, phone, visual traffic and travel information in-vehicle Jørn Jensen,President, WorldDMB. 

Session 3:

Presentation 5: STRUCTURE AND EFFICIENCY OF DAB+ SYSTEM, Overview of DAB System: Block diagram level of the structure of a DAB system from audio encoding to RF transmission, Dr Lesley Sabel , member WorldDMB Technical Committee, MD, S Comm Technologies.

Presentation 6a: DAB+ NETWORK AND COVERAGE PLANNING, Lessons learned from real-world planning, deployment and operation of digital radio networks, Dr Lesley Sabel, member WorldDMB Technical Committee , MD, S Comm Technologies and

Presentation 6b: DAB+ DEPLOYMENT Darren Kirsop Frearson, CEO Gencom Technology.

Presentation 7: DAB+ PRACTICAL CONSIDERATION - THE SUPPLIER EXPLAINED, Why DAB+ is more  green and cost effective than analogue; multiplex network design considerations; antenna systems for DAB+,  Gino Mils, Regional Sales Director -Africa Harris Broadcast.

Session 4:

Presentation 8: DAB+ CONTENT GENERATION, Text and slide content generation for Programme Associated Data, Dr Lesley Sabel, member WorlDMB Technical Committee , MD, S Comm Technologies.

Presentation 9: DAB+ IMPLEMENTATION - HOW TO BRING IT ALL TOGETHER, Key  factors to ensure success: bringing stakeholders together - regulators, broadcasters, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, Kathryn Brown, Head of Stategic Development, Commercial Radio Australia.

Pictures from the event: