Session 1: Update on Progress with the transition to DTT in the region.

Session 2: Challenges towards release of the Digital Dividend in SA.

Session 3: The launch of DTT and re-stacking in Australia.

Session 4: The launch of DTT and re-stacking in the United Kingdom.

Session 5: Managing the transition across the Region: Different transition rates,

                  frequency plans and interference during the transition.

Session 6: Spectrum and WRC -15: The onslaught on Broadcasting Spectrum.

Session 7: Spectrum and WRC-15: The importance and usage of C-Band for

                  Satellite services in SADC and South Africa.

Session 8: Spectrum and WRC-15: Future spectrum requirements for

                  broadcasting and demand for spectrum beyond analogue switch-off.

Session 9: Trends in Broadcasting : SD,HD,UHD, Terrestrial, Satellite, OTT

Session 10:Input and Consensus position: DTT and spectrum matters.