Session 1: International update - DAB+ around the world

International update DAB+ around the World: Bernie O'Neill

Session 2: Enabling policy and regulatory frameworks for Digital Radio  
The Australian regulatory framework: Alastair Gellatly
The EBU Digital Radio Toolkit: Dr. Christian Vogg
Digital switch over,Norway case study: Jørn Jenson 

Session 3: Content and new innovations in DAB+ 
Features and functionality of digital radio: Dr Les Sabel 

New content on DAB: Matt Deegan
Meeting the cultural and educational needs of local communities with DAB+:Kath Brown

Session 4: Network Options and DAB+ Planning Strategies
DAB+ network model and funding:  Norway case studyJørn Jenson

DAB+ network models and funding:  UK case study Matt Deegan
DAB+ network funding models:  further examples from Switzerland, The   Netherlands, Denmark Bernie O'Neill

Session 5: Receivers and Chipsets

DAB+ network operations: spectrum optimisation,design,operational models,cost: short and long term planning strategies:Dr Les Sabel

Chipsets, receivers and in-car integration: Kath Brown
Digital radio in the mobile Phone Handset – the Universal Smart Phone Radio Project  Dr Christian Vogg 

Session 6: DAB+ in South Africa  
SADIBA and NAB Digital Radio working group : Dave Cherry  

DAB+ Trial in South Africa Sentech: Leago Takalani