SADIBA Congratulates Mr Mandla Mchunu on his election to the RRB of the ITU

The Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) is proud to report the election of Mr Mandla Mchunu to the Radio Regulations Board (RRB) of the ITU. We congratulate Mr Mchunu and wish him well in this important role as he represents the region. SADIBA Congratulatory Announcement.


Ku-Band Interference Workshop 2018

Since early 2017 consumers have increasingly escalated complaints of disruptions to their satellite services. SADIBA in February 2018 established a working group to investigate and study the interference cases, international best practice as applied in this band and associated coordination- and mitigation measures.The Working Group reported its findings at an open industry workshop held on 19 October 2018 at the Randpark Golf Club, in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Workshop Programme and Presentations


Building Digital TV in Africa

Building Digital TV in Africa 

SADIBA held a very successful collaborative effort towards a Digital Television Capacity Building Conference which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from the 8-10 November 2017.This capacity building conference was inspired by a joint ITU/EBU/BNE/DVB workshop held in Geneva in October 2016. The complete conference presentations together with their relevant audio are available via the links below.


Building Digital TV in Africa Conference Programme

Conference Speaker Profiles


Conference Presentations

Day 1: Baseband Day - 8 Nov 2017

Day 2: Transmission, Reception & Network Operation - 9 Nov 2017

Day 3: Master Classes - 10 Nov 2017


SADIBA Annual General Meeting held on the 20 July 2018

SADIBA's members were given a presentation update on the current status of the South African DAB+ trial at its 2018 AGM.  SA DAB+ Trial Update Presentation


SADIBA's presentation to ICASA'S Public Hearings 13 July 2018

SADIBA Chairperson Mr Lynn Mansfield made a DAB+ digital radio global update presentation at ICASA's public hearings on the Discussion Document on Digital Sound Broadcasting on the 13th July 2018.  DAB+ digital radio global Update Presentation


Radio Days Africa 4 July 2018

Deputy Minister of Communications in South Africa Pinky Kekana, has described the prospect of DAB+ as a "game changer" in a speech to delegates at Radio Days Africa on 3 July 2018. The Minister said that DAB+ would provide better quality radio, enable the government to broadcast critical emergency information simultaneously, and offer consumers greater content choice. Read More


Radio Days Africa WorldDAB Day Tuesday 3 July 2018

Radio needs to innovate to compete in a changing audio landscape. DAB+ offers broadcasters a proven technology that offers space for new services allowing more content and language offerings. Held at Radio Days sponsored by Sentech and hosted by WorldDAB and SADIBA, the DAB+ stakeholder event brought together industry experts from South Africa and around the world to share their experiences of using DAB+, showing how commercial broadcasters can grow audiences and revenues by moving to digital. To view the programme presented on the 3rd July 2018. WorldDAB Day Programme


SA DAB+ Trial Broadcast Licence Update 20 June 2018

An application for a new 8 month trial broadcast  licence for Johannesburg/Pretoria (Gauteng Province) and a new 8 month trial broadcast licence for Cape Town (Western Cape) is currently before the SA broadcast regulator ICASA awaiting a decision.  


Digital Radio Showcase 3 May 2018

In 2012 SADIBA and the NAB established a joint digital radio working group to co-ordinate and manage digital radio trials in South Africa. Two standards were identified for testing, these are DAB+ and DRM30.  The broadcasting industry is pleased that a DAB+ trial license was secured by the SABC in 2014 and in 2017. Sentech has facilitated the DAB+ trial and participated in the DRM30 trial.The special event  to Showcase the digital radio transmission capabilities and to experience a range of new DAB+ and DRM receivers was held on the 3 May 2018 at Sentech's Sender Technology Park.The very succesful event was addressed by various dignatories The remarks presentation by Deputy Minister of Communications
Honourable Pinkie Kekana (MP) can be viewed here.


ICASA issues a Discussion Paper on Digital Sound Broadcasting 29 March 2018

South African broadcast regulator ICASA has issued a discussion paper on Digital Sound Broadcasting. The purpose of this enquiry is to

1). To examine the prospects of implementation of Digital Sound Broadcasting services in South Africa and

2)  To examine the manner in which the implementation os DSB services can improve spectrum efficiency and management.

Download the Discussion Document on Digital Sound Broadcasting.


DTT an Ideal World Implementation SAIEE Event 17 October 2017

Presentation to SAIEE event, Contribution by SADIBA. University of Pretoria 17 October 2017.

Techcentral has published a podcast of this.  (