Worlds First Smartphone to support DAB+ Launched by LG Electronics.

LG Electronics (LG) unveiled the world’s first smartphone to feature DAB+, the de facto standard for digital radio broadcasting on the 14th March 2016. LG introduced its newest smartphone at Radiodays Europe 2016 in Paris the world’s largest radio conference, and at the SADC Digital Sound Broadcasting Workshop on the 15th March, Maseru Kingdom of Lesotho. Consumers in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom will be the first to receive the LG Stylus 2 with DAB+. As the world’s first smartphone with DAB+, the LG Stylus 2 features a DAB+ chipset and an exclusive app that allows customers to enjoy digital radio broadcasts out of the box. A technical interface also enables broadcasters to develop their own tailored apps in which internet services complement broadcaste radio.

LG Stylus2 DAB


Technical Improvements for the DAB/DAB+ standard

The DAB Standard has been updated identifying obsolete features, clarifying the description of features, to aid the interoperability and updating of other features.The revised standard ensures that DAB keeps pace with the latest technical developments in its 21st year of existence.

The new versions of the standards have been published by ETSI. They are:

  • EN 300 401 V2.1.1: DAB system standard
  • TS 101 756 V2.1.1: Registered Tables
  • TS 103 466 V1.1.1: DAB audio
  • TS 102 563 V2.1.1: DAB+ audio
  • TS 102 980 V2.1.1: DL Plus


DAB,DAB+ Receiver 


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Until now the Eureka 147 DAB digital radio standard has always been broadcast using MPEG 1 audio layer II encoding. Since the original introduction of the Eureka 147 digital radio broadcasting standard (commonly referred today as ("Classic DAB"), more efficient coding schemes and algorithms have emerged.