Members of the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) are committed to the development, promotion and market driven introduction of digital broadcasting in Southern Africa.They are indead those people that will make the digital future of broadcasting happen.

Making it Happen

The digitisation of broadcasting and telecommunication infrastructure is bound to bring about a revolution in the way information is delivered and in the media in general. Some analysts predict this "digital revolution" to have effects that will make the industrial revolution look inconsequential by comparison.

The digital revolution will change the world, as we know it. Information will be delivered via multiple transparent digital delivery channels, capable of crossing geographical, political and regulatory boarders. The printed and electronic media will be revolutionised into new forms of multimedia that offer interactivity, mobility as well as customised user-defined services.

This digital wave is on the rise. For those that are ready to ride the wave it is likely to spin-off great advancements in terms of economic growth, employment opportunities and competitive advantage in the global environment. This digital tsunami is however set to wash away traditional structures, technologies, mediums and organisations that do not ready themselves for the new dispensation. The wave has the potential of not just destroying micro-economic entities such as the printed newspaper concern but also national and regional economies.

The development and introduction of digital technologies has seen a level of co-operation never before witnessed between industry competitors, development institutes and stakeholders. The common realisation that the successful market introduction of digital broadcast technology is dependent on the combined efforts of all the stakeholders.

SADIBA aims to be that forum that will facilitate this co-operation within the market environment in the Southern African region.

SADIBA Members  allocate time and resources in order to achieve the goals of the Association in the common interest of digital broadcasting technology.

Consider the following:

  • Wish to learn more about the business opportunities that digital broadcasting technologies offer?
  • Interested in understanding the factors that will drive digital technology?
  • Passionate about lobbying for favourable policy and regulatory frameworks for digital broadcasting technology in South Africa and the region?
  • Wish to be on top of the latest international developments in digital broadcasting technologies and their market introduction?
  • Curious to know what technology and applications to invest in and when?
  • Interested in harnessing the power of the digital platforms for delivering Interactive service and internet even into the mobile environment?

Who should join?

If you or your organisation is involved in the Media, the Internet, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and their related industries and bodies then you stand to benefit from SADIBA membership.

The visionaries that founded SADABA (later renamed SADIBA), wanted to establish a representative forum that could facilitate co-operation and information sharing in the development of digital broadcasting technology and applications thereof and to work towards the market driven introduction of such broadcast systems in Southern Africa.

Membership of SADIBA is open to any organisation or individual that wishes to contribute to the objectives of SADIBA and that accepts its constitution.

Interested in becoming a member?

Complete and sign the membership application form and fax it to the SADIBA Secretary on (+27)865214400 or scan and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.