In 2005, the DRM Consortium decided to extend the DRM system under the project name DRM+ to operate in all the broadcasting bands up to 174 MHz. 

This range includes:DRM+

  • TV band (47 MHz to 68 MHz)
  • OIRT FM band (65.8 MHz to 74 MHz)
  • Japanese FM band (76 MHz to 90 MHz)
  • International FM band (87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz)
  • DRM+ has a narrow bandwidth and is designed to fit in the FM broadcast band plan and a frequency grid of 100 kHz.

    DRM+ provides bit rates from 35 kbps to 185 kbps and, like DRM 30, permits up to four services.

    DRM+ is implemented in the standard as robustness mode E. Its spectrum usage parameters are determined from the internationally agreed norms in the FM band (88 to 108 MHz). Therefore it has an occupied bandwidth of 96 kHz and a frequency grid of 100 kHz.